Our Story

In our inaugural year the Board set an aggressive strategy. Our mission was to become a financially viable, community orientated, successful football club.

To achieve our mission we developed a strategy entitled ‘five 3 five’. The five-year-plan, which aimed to develop the club both on and off the field.

The successful execution of this plan will enable MUFC to be promoted three times and to secure a base of over 500 members. Focus has been placed on the establishment of a juniors structure, including female teams. Our Junior Committee was established in January 2013 and fielded five junior teams (9, 11, 12, 14 boys and 15-16 girls).

After securing the championship in the Melbourne Metropolitan League South-East in 2012, the club has taken its first step towards achieving its goal.


We successfully increased our membership throughout the year and are on our way to achieving our target.

Our games attract hundreds of members and visitors to Mazenod College, supporting our success on the pitch. We built a strong community base by holding events and provided relevant communications on Facebook, Twitter, Email and Website. We strived to constantly provide an overall membership experience that is family-friendly and enjoyable.

Commercial Partnerships

One of the clubs many strengths is the ability to build strong relationships with many commercial partners. Their ongoing financial support has enabled us to successfully reach many goals and complete many projects including advertising, cross-promotion and business-to-business activities. One of the highlights of 2012 was our Business Supporters Breakfast, hosting over 40 valued commercial partners.


MUFC is a community minded football club, endorsed by Mazenod College located in Mulgrave. Mazenod College has a community of over 13,000 people; this includes 1209 current students, 140 Staff, 2000 family members and over 10,000 Old Boys.

Based within the City of Monash, our club was formally established in July 2011 and participated in Victoria’s Metropolitan League South-East in 2012 in our inaugural year.

To develop an engaging culture and attract members from all age groups, we held a number of events. Some of our events included our club launch entertaining 175 guests including George Calombaris, Melbourne Victory’s Archie Thompson and Grant Brebner.

In a world where social media engagement is extremely important, we have successfully engaged more than 1,000 social Facebook subscribers ensuring we are continually sharing our news with our community.

We also created our website, and Twitter account (@MazenodUnited) and in 2013 we plan to continue to use this powerful tool to communicate to all members and followers of the club.

Our endeavour is to provide the football and coaching department with the resources required to succeed at the very top level, the club’s board has committed to deliver a sustainable annual profit and shares a long-term strategy on having junior’s, female and disabled teams and develop a targeted community involvement program – ensuring the club has more to offer its members than just football.

Home Sweet Home

Purpose built for football, MUFC’s FIFA approved synthetic pitch is a world-class venue for the world’s game right on our doorstep. Offering unparalleled first class facilities, our home provides a football experience like no other, offering the ultimate indulgence for fans of the round ball. We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you throughout the season, ‘leave nothing undared’.

Behind every great club is an equally strong partnership alliance. As we continue on our quest we require a number of dedicated Sponsors who are as equally passionate about seeing our great club succeed.

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